A Few Words About Us

At Smart House Media, our focus is on simplifying the complex process of digitally enhancing your lifestyle. Your home building process will profit from our well conceived low-voltage systems, including:: Distributed Audio and Video Home Theater, Telecommunication and Data Networks, iPad and iPhone app total home control, We will design, engineer, select, and install technology to satisfy your desire to blend Technology into Architecture.

Smart House functions much like an Architect, by designing and installing the “Whole House Digital Lifestyle Solution” custom tailored to your unique project and lifestyle!

Smart House Media LLC provides innovative home entertainment and technology solutions for custom built homes. We make your home fun and easy to use....while creating the perfect entertaining space. Call us to discuss your next project!


  • Makena Homeowner:

    “During the process of custom tailoring our home, we learned that with Savant, there is almost nothing you can not do. The limit to the system is basicly your imagination. As long as the right infrastructure was planned for, Savant is the icing on the cake, it just makes everying easy to use.“
  • Mr. Tae Mruphy

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